Lesson 26: Essential Oil – Orange, Sweet (Citrus sinensis)

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Required Reading

Foundational Aromatherapy pages 125-126

Orange, Sweet

Image result for orangeOrange helps balance the thyroid and lymphatic system, making it beneficial for weight loss, treating water retention, and cellulite issues. Orange oil is an effective emotional aid oil. More Orange oil is produced worldwide, volume wise, than any other oil.

Safety Notes

➢ Non-toxic and non-irritating

➢ For those with sensitive skin, could cause mild dermatitis

➢ Slightly phototoxic, avoid direct sunlight or tanning bed exposure for at least 12 hours

Tried and True Uses

✓ In a tea or a drink of water it is very beneficial to the digestive system, easing water retention, and cellulite issues.

✓ Brings the lymphatic system into balance.

✓ A powerful solvent, degreaser.

✓ In support of the digestive system it helps with reflux, gas, burping, and ulcers.

✓ Very uplifting and anti-depressive; stimulates creativity and right-brain thinking.

✓ Blends well with other oils to warm up a holiday scent.

How Do I Use It?

SOAK IN THE TUB – Mix 3-5 drops in 1⁄4 cup unscented Dead Sea Salts, milk, powdered milk, or coconut milk. Swish in warm water; soak twenty minutes.

IT’S IN THE AIR – Diffuse 10-12 drops for fifteen minute intervals every two hours during the day.

BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT – Inhale 3-4 times a day from bottle lid. Or put 1-2 drops on tissue or cotton ball inhale directly or put in pillow case. Or 1-2 drops in palm of hands, rub together, cup hands over mouth and nose without touching face, and inhale.

SPRITZ & SPRAY – Mix 8-10 drops in 1 ounce of filtered or distilled water  Shake before each use, mist lightly on area of concern or all over the body, avoiding eyes when misting face area.

TEA TIME – Mix 8-10 drops in 1 ounce of filtered or distilled water Shake before each use, mist lightly on area of concern or all over the body, avoiding eyes when misting face area. 1 drop in 1 teaspoon honey or other sweetener, stir in warm water, and sip slowly. One drop in glass or bottle of water. If in plastic container plan on drinking quickly.

RUB IT IN, PUT IT ON – To relieve stress, anxiety and depression, add 6 to 8 drops to 1 Tablespoon carrier oil; massage on arms, legs, and back. 1-2 drops or in 2-3 drops of carrier, rub on bottom of each foot. 1-2 drops on cotton swab apply directly to blemishes. 1-2 drops to pulse points to balance mood swings.

  • Antidepressant – alleviates depression
  • Antiseptic – assists in fighting germs and infections
  • Antispasmodic – relieves spasms
  • Carminative – relieves intestinal gas pain
  • Cholagogue – increases bile production
  • Digestive – aids or balances digestion
  • Hepatic – supportive to the liver
  • Hypotensive – lowers high blood pressure
  • Tonic-strengthens and fortifies (skin and digestion)
  • Sedative (nervous conditions) –tranquilizes activity of body part.
  • Stimulant– increases functional activity (digestive and lymphatic systems)
Key Emotions:

Creative, Patience, Hope, Gentleness, and Cheery

Key Body Systems:

Lymphatic, Nervous, Circulatory, Urinary, and Skin

Technical Data: 

Dollarphotoclub_87991432.jpgBOTANICAL NAME: Citrus sinensis

WHERE GROWN: Israel, Brazil, South Africa

AROMA: citrus, fresh, fruity, sweet


EXTRACTION METHOD: cold pressing


Main Chemical Families: 

MONOTERPENOLS – prevents infections, immune stimulant, emotional balancer, healing to the skin nervous system sedative, emotionally uplifting, stress relieving, anti-infectious, antispasmodic (especially for digestive cramping), healing to the skin

Botanical Family:

RUTACEAE good for digestion, beneficial to skin decongestant to the muscular and respiratory systems, warming, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, air purifier

User Experiences

I recently used Sweet Orange on my Swiffer pad to refresh my kitchen  and bath, and then I added it to unscented salts to vacuum.

Josephine C. Hopkins

My daughter and I were preparing our kitchen cupboards for repainting. The ones near the stove were especially difficult due to  built-up grease. We didn’t want to  use harsh cleaners but nothing worked. Finally, we thought of Sweet Orange oil. We put just a few drops Sweet Orange on a wet rag and wiped down the cup-boards. The grease came right off!

Leiann King


*DISCLAIMER: This information is provided for educational purposes only, not to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease or condition, or prescribe in any way. The data presented here may not be complete or fully accurate. As with all essential oils, do not take internally unless working with a qualified and expert practitioner.

*SAFETY WARNING: If applying an essential oil to skin, always perform a small patch test by properly diluting the oil in an appropriate carrier oil and applying to an insensitive part of the body, such as inside of elbow. Use vegetable or milk to remove any essential oils causing irritation. Always keep essential oils and blends away from children. To slow oxidation and protect shelf life, store in a cool, dark place with lids tightly secured. Never put oils in the ear canal or eyes.

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