Lesson 24: Methods of Application

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Required Reading

Foundational Aromatherapy pages 292-294; 55-56




How Do I Use It?

I can just hear you asking, “I’ve read all of this and the Blending section four times, and
I’ve decided to use this particular oil. But HOW and WHAT are the different ways I can use it?”
The Applications table is where the rubber hits the road—a “treasure box” of ideas. This
is where we share our experiences of exactly HOW we use an oil—with detailed
instructions! Simply choose the method you would enjoy the most. Do you love to soak
in the tub? Try our bath ideas. Want something quick and easy? Combine 1 drop with a
few drops of carrier oil on the bottom of your feet as you start your day. Want to be a
little sneaky with an ‘anti-oiler’ (someone who objects to the smell of essential oils)? Run
your diffuser with a refreshing aroma. They’ll benefit from the properties of your oil, and
never know—unless you give away the secret. It CAN be easy to get into an oil rut, so try
different oils, ideas and applications. Be creative!

Next to the Applications section, you’ll see a “Blends Well With” box. This is the perfect
starting place for considering oils for your own blends. This list of oils is not all-inclusive.
Feel free to try blending with other oils. Again, be creative!

 Smudging and Diffusing

 There are many ways to use essential oil. One idea is Diffusing, which is very similar to smudging.  As a general rule, I have observed enough of this to say unequivocally that yes, I think the people that smudge are on to a valid form of helping themselves feel better.  Leiann quite often smudges and over the years I have come to appreciate it. Although it is normally associated with non-white man cultures, it still is a valid form of health recovery, even for the “white man”, such as myself. However, in many situations we can’t really smudge; try using a diffuser instead. A diffuser pretty much acts on the principle of smudging. Does pretty much the same thing. That is why a person might want to use a diffuser. Not only does it help you directly, it will also cleanse the area around you, such as any room that you are in. I like to use a diffuser, but I also like to use an incense burner for my personal smudging. I usually “fire” it up when Leiann is gone  as she doesn’t like how strong the aroma is with some oils that I use in the incense burner. – Kent King, Master Blender