Lesson 22: Essential Oil – Marjoram, Sweet (Origanum marjorana)

 Oils: Marjoram, Origanum marjorana

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Foundational Aromatherapy, pages 117-118

Marjoram, Sweet

Image result for marjoram sweetAlthough Marjoram, Sweet is often over looked, it has a wide spectrum of qualities that range from use on sore muscles, joints, bones and respiratory issues. Other general uses include depression, anxiety, general mood enhancement and insomnia. Marjoram was known as the “herb of happiness” to the Romans and the “joy of the mountains” to the Greeks.

Safety Notes

➢Non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing

➢Not for use during first trimester of pregnancy

➢Do not confuse with Spanish Marjoram or Oregano (Thymus mastichina or Origanum compactum).

Tried and True Uses

✓ When applied topically with a carrier or cream it helps with sore, strained muscles, rheumatic pain, and respiratory problems.

✓ Excellent choice for an after-sports rub – be careful, guys, it has been reported to lower libido.

✓ Good for children’s growing pains, muscle strains, stomach aches, anxiety, and colic.

✓ Relaxes the muscles in the neck to help relieve snoring.

✓ As a muscle relaxer, it helps in regulating menstrual cycles and relieve painful periods.

How Do I Use It?

SOAK IN THE TUB – Mix 1-3 drops in ¼ cup unscented Dead Sea Salts, milk, powdered milk, or coconut milk. Swish in warm water; soak twenty minutes.

IT’S IN THE AIR – Diffuse 10-12 drops for fifteen minute interval every two hours during the day

BREATH IN, BREATH OUT – Inhale from bottle lid; Or put 1 to 2 drops on a tissue or cotton ball and inhale; Or put 1 to 2 drops in palm of hand, cup hands over mouth and nose without touching face, and inhale. Or Add 15 to 20 drops to ¼ cup Dead Sea salts in jar with lid, close lid, and gently rotate jar to blend oil into salts. Open jar in sleeping area for twenty minutes before bed; close jar before sleeping.

SPRITZ & SPRAY – Add 8 to 10 drops per 1 ounce filtered or distilled water in spray bottle. Shake well before each use.

RUB IT IN – Add 3 to 5 drops to 1 Tablespoon carrier oil and gently massage.

PUT IT ON – 1 – 2 drops with or without 2-3 drops of carrier on bottom of feet. 1-2 drops in 3-5 drops of carrier oil or ¼ tsp of a cream; rub on affected muscles for a sports cream.
1-2 drops with or without 5 drops carrier; massage on abdomen for relief. Mix 1-2 drops in 1-2 drops of carrier oil; rub gently over heart to balance emotions.

Blends Well With
  • Tea Tree
  • Rosemary
  • Ravensara
  • Peppermint
  • Lemongrass
  • Analgesic – relieve pain
  • Antifungal – prevents the growth of fungi
  • Anaphrodisiac – suppresses sexual desire
  • Antibacterial – destroys or inhibits the growth of destructive bacteria
  • Antioxidant – protects cells from damage
  • Antispasmodic – relieves spasms
  • Antiviral – inhibits or destroys viruses
  • Carminative – relieves intestinal gas pain
  • Cardiotonic- strengthens the heart
  • Cephalic – stimulates and clears the mind, relieves headache
  • Diuretic – increases urine production, rids excess fluid
  • Emmenagogue – regulates menstruation
  • Expectorant – promotes discharge of mucus or phlegm from chest and lungs
  • Hypotensive – lowers high blood pressure
  • Laxative – relieves constipation
  • Sedative – tranquilizes activity of body part.
  • Stomachic – promotes good stomach function
  • Tonic – strengthens and fortifies
  • Vasodilator – dilates blood vessels
Key Emotions:

Introspective, Freeing, Brotherly Love, and Confident

Key Body Systems:

Muscular, Circulatory, Immune, Urinary, Nervous, Respiratory, and Reproductive

Technical Data: 

Image result for Origanum majoranaBOTANICAL NAME: Origanum marjorana

WHERE GROWN: France, Spain, South Africa

AROMA: fresh, herbaceous, sweet, warm, radiant, woody

PRODUCING ORGAN: lowers and leaves

EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distillation


Main Chemical Families: 

MONOTERPENES-decongestive to the muscular and respiratory systems, warming, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, air purifier

MONOTERPENOLS-prevents infections, immune stimulant, emotional balancer, healing to the skin, relieves headache and nasal congestion, energizes body and mind

Botanical Family: 

LAMIACEAE (LABIATAE)-relieves headache and nasal congestion, energizes body and mind

User Experience

Sweet Marjoram mixed with Dead Sea salts in a jar has eliminated my  snoring. I open the jar for 15 minutes before going to bed then close it before sleeping. Works great!

Kathy R.


*DISCLAIMER: This information is provided for educational purposes only, not to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease or condition, or prescribe in any way. The data presented here may not be complete or fully accurate. As with all essential oils, do not take internally unless working with a qualified and expert practitioner.

*SAFETY WARNING: If applying an essential oil to skin, always perform a small patch test by properly diluting the oil in an appropriate carrier oil and applying to an insensitive part of the body, such as inside of elbow. Use vegetable or milk to remove any essential oils causing irritation. Always keep essential oils and blends away from children. To slow oxidation and protect shelf life, store in a cool, dark place with lids tightly secured. Never put oils in the ear canal or eyes.

Passport to Aromatherapy pages 80-81


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